"By Myself" - Michael Musicvideo

 I finally finished a new video.

It's a Michael Scofield solo video called "By Myself".

Summary: About Michael's weak moments in Sona and that he just can't do it on his own.

This video also is supposed to show that Michael needs Sara in his life. It's a contribution to the 'Save The Good Dr' campaign.

It's up on YouTube: By Myself
and for download on my site: Scattered Pictures

I hope you like. 


"Forbidden Love" - WeSah video

"Forbidden Love" 

Summary: While they were still filming Prison Break Sarah Wayne Callies and Wentworth Miller had something underlying going on. You know flirting, attraction and so on, but they never did something about it. After the last episode is filmed and Prison Break is officially over (I know a very bad thought) the different actors move on to other projects. Sarah tries to get back into her regular life and back to spending time with her husband again, but very soon she has to realize that the feelings she had developed for Went can't be switched off that easily. She regrets that she never acted on them, while they were still filming. Will it be too late to do something about it now? 

Author's Note:
The finance Sarah's character had in Tarzan is standing in this video for her real husband.

It's up on YouTube: Forbidden Love 
and for download on my site: Scattered Pictures

I hope you like.


"You Said" . MiSa Musicvideo

Video Title: "You Said".

Summary: AU. Michael and Sara are just an ordinary couple. Everything goes well until Michael finds out that Sara is an addict. He asks her to stop using and promises her to help her as much as he can. He tries everything, but when she breaks her promise to him over and over again, he can't take it anymore. He can't stand being hurt again and so he has to break up with her. Will Sara realize what she's doing to him and herself and finally get help? Will she get him back?
(No Fox River at all)

It's on YouTube: You Said
on for download on my site: Scattered Pictures

Spoilers: 2x22

I hope you like it.


"Beautiful" - MiSa Musicvideo

Hey, I finally finished my new video. 
I'm actually quite happy about that, since it took me forever. I just wanted to get the ending perfect, I hope I was able to accomplish that. You can be the judge of that.

Video Title:  "Beautiful"

Links:  Download / YouTube

Characters:  Michael & Sara

Summary:  Sara is in love with Michael, but is unsure if she should act on it. Michael is beautiful and a great guy, but he's also a trouble magnet, which is proven to her every time he comes into the infirmary with a new injury.

Spoilers:  2x16

Hope you enjoy.

Prison Break 2x14 "John Doe"

I already wrote this yesterday, but there just wasn't the time to post it before.

So, the new PB episode…
I can’t even tell you how excited I was that the break is finally over.
Since it was the first episode in a long time, I decided that I need to see it as soon as I can, which meant setting my alarm at 4:45am, so that I have enough time to start my computer and the software and my eyes have time to adjust to the light.

Since my comments could be classified as spoilers for some people, my comments can be found after the cut. It’s pretty long and don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand. ;O)

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Prison Break - Special + Promo

Still trying to figure this whole JL thing out and what can be done with it, but I get constantly distracted, which is not helping matters. *lol*

My first entry here will be about the Prison Break Special: The Road To Freedom and the new PB Trailer for the obvious reason that right now I'm completely obsessed with that show.

I saw those two things this weekend, which didn't help with my resolution to learn for my upcoming exams. this week, but well you have to get your priorities straight. *lol*

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